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OilPro provides the oil & gas industry with innovative, pre-engineered production and power equipment, and has been a trusted name in oilfield production equipment for over 2 decades.  OilPro’s CAP3 system combines an ultra-efficient 5.56 kW PowerGen Stirling engine energy source with ultimate reliability. The 80,000 hr+ continuous duty-rated PowerGen runs on any combustible gas. The PowerGen can concurrently run an instrument air package; a high-power battery charging system; up to 60,000 BTU/hr for 1,500 of programmable return temperature glycol heat tracing or other on-site heating needs. PowerGen has 100x lower emissions than internal combustion engines, with no maintenance, zero lubrication, high efficiency and a 100% duty rating. OilPro also provides gas processing solutions that convert waste gas to liquid fuels.

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