AVL Fuel Cell Canada (“AVL FCC”) performs cutting edge PEM fuel cell development for all applications, including automotive, heavy duty and marine. AVL FCC’s team consists of experts experienced in developing fuel cells for commercial applications with major OEMs. AVL FCC’s core competencies are: – Unit cell and stack design – MEA and bi-polar plate development and prototyping – Fuel cell modelling and simulation – Accelerated and life cycle testing in the in-house hydrogen test facility – System controls and optimization – Physical and chemical analysis AVL FCC is part of AVL List GmbH (“AVL”), the world’s largest independent company for development, simulation and testing in the automotive industry, and in other sectors. Drawing on

its pioneering spirit, AVL provides concepts, solutions and methodologies to shape future mobility trends. Together with an international network of experts that extends over 26 countries and with 45 Tech- and Engineering Centers worldwide, AVL drives sustainable mobility trends for a greener future. In 2020, the company generated a turnover of 1.7 billion Euros, of which 12% is invested in R&D activities.

City Burnaby
Province British Columbia
Website https://www.avl.com/-/vancouver

Blue-O Technology is focused on the development and commercialization of clean technologies. Its patented novel plate shaped nanocatalyst product for fuel cell applications enables an ultra-low loading of precious metal on various support for the most demanded fuel cell technologies, allowing reduced cost and improved durability. The proprietary nanocatalyst design is ideal for hydrogen Polymer Electrolyte Membrane fuel cells (PEMFC) or Direct Alcohol Fuel Cell (DAFC), as well as other types of electrocatalytic reaction processes, and other advanced polymerization process applications.

City Burnaby
Province British Columbia
Website http://www.blue-otechnology.com/

Dana Holding Corporation is a multi-national automotive parts manufacturer of components for tomorrow’s power sources, including hydrogen fuel-cell engines. Drawing on its global production facilities and Technology Centers, Dana engineers and manufactures product solutions to meet the exacting requirements of OEM customers, including fuel-cell stack bipolar plates, and balance of plant and hydrogen reformer components

City Oakville
Province Ontario
Website http://global.dana.com/

Dimatec designs and manufactures innovative, high-quality metal bond diamond products, drilling equipment components, and precision machined parts for the mineral exploration, mining, geotechnical and energy sectors. Dimatec is also actively investigating applications for its expertise with metal, metal powders and metal hydrides for the hydrogen storage sector.

City Winnipeg
Province Manitoba
Website https://www.dimatec.com/

Emcara Gas Development Inc. is in the business of safety technology for alternative fuel systems. Emcara specializes in the only long trigger thermally activated pressure relief devices available on the market today, as well as related products for compressed natural gas, hydrogen fuelling systems, and bulk haul systems. Emcara’s products enhance safety, performance, reliability and system flexibility.

City Guelph
Province Ontario
Website https://www.emcara.com/

Ionomr designs and manufactures ion exchange membranes and coatings for energy storage, and clean energy generation applications including fuel cells, batteries, and electrolysis for hydrogen production. The company’s core technology is the most alkaline-stable and versatile anion-exchange membrane on the market providing both cost and performance advantages. Ionomr is in the late stages of development of highly conductive, recyclable and environmentally benign, cation-exchange membranes for use in fuel cells, electrolyzers and other electrochemical technologies.

City Vancouver
Province British Columbia
Website https://ionomr.com/

IRDI System develops and manufactures infrared communication systems for the hydrogen fuel cell industry. Since 2010, their equipment has been shipped to customers in Europe, Japan, US, Korea and Canada.

City Richmond
Province British Columbia
Website http://irdisystem.com/