Afonso Group offers a full range of diving services, including underwater cutting and welding, ship inspection and repair, concrete pumping, wharf and bridge pile encasement, underwater photography and video, and more. The company also provides pipe cleaning, inspection and repair services to a wide range of industries, offering the latest expertise and equipment. Afonso Group’s diving capability enables pipe division to go to depths that are beyond the reach of land based companies.

City St. John's
Province Newfoundland and Labrador

Canadian Floating Fence Corp. manufactures XBOOM, a Patent Pending technology comprising of supported polypropylene mesh filters which are capable of separating Water and Oil and withstand forces of the surrounding wind and waves durably.

City Okotoks
Province Alberta

Murrenhill Corporation is dedicated to the sustainable development of environmental protection technology for use worldwide. To help protect the planet’s water, Murrenhill has developed the ROC Barrier™, the world’s fastest first response oil containment system designed to reach and trap an oil spill within minutes, protecting the environment.

City Fenelon Falls
Province Ontario